Tech Tip: OMC Outboard Engine Assembly

The following relates to proper assembly of OMC Outboard Engine Assembly.

• Install .0002" larger jets in carburetors.
• Max timing MUST be retarded 2 degrees.
• Max timing MUST be set with engine running over 4500 RPM & under load. DO NOT STATIC SET MAX TIMING.
• Re-torque cylinder heads to specs.
• After 1 hour of break-in, allow engine to cool and retorque heads.
• On 3 Cylinder engines, replace water pump with new high pressure water pump.
• On 3 Cylinder engines, drill and relocate overboard sensors.
• On 3 Cylinder engines, check latest OMC service bulletins and jet carburetors accordingly. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.
• Use 92-94 octane premium fuel.
• Clean and refill oil tank with TCW-3 oil.
• Mark oil tank to verify oil consumption during double oil usage of break-in period.
• Run double oil during the first 30 gallons of fuel.
• If running oil injection use 1 pint oil per 6 gallons gas.
• If no oil injection, use 1 quart oil per 6 gallons gas.
• OBR recommends installing water pressure gauge to monitor water flow.
• OBR suggests removal of oil injection system or updating to latest VRO pump.
• OBR recommends you replace water pump and gasket at time of powerhead replacement and every 2 years afterwards.

July 18, 2016 by dennis crowley
Tags: Tech Tips
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