The following core policy relates to OBR products that have returnable core charges.

Outboard Recycle Parts & Marine, Inc.
Core Credit & Evaluation Procedures and Policy

This information is intended to clarify any and all questions surrounding the Core Return Policy of Outboard Recycle Parts & Marine, Inc. (OBR). This will be the fourth year OBR has offered its clients the opportunity to receive a substantial core credit for many of its products featured on this web site. The core program is not a requirement for purchasing a selected product, rather it serves as an incentive for our clients wishing to receive credit for the part that has failed.

Core Return Policy

• OBR will pay the freight on a core that is shipped from anywhere in the United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.
• A Return Freight Voucher will be included with every product that requires a core deposit.
• Simply place core in the original box and place the voucher on your package.
• Call the toll-free telephone number on the voucher for prompt pickup.
• Please be sure a copy of your invoice is included with each core return.
• The core deposit refund will be mailed to the address appearing on the invoice, unless we are notified otherwise.
Determining Core Value
• Each core received by OBR is evaluated to assess its value as a core.
• The condition and usability of the parts determines the value of the core.
• The core returned must match the product purchased.
• If one or more key components are determined to be usable, the core deposit will be adjusted to reflect the changes in value.
Core Example: Gear Housing Assembly
• A Gear Housing Assembly Core consists of three key components in the evaluation of core value.
• The three key components are: the housing, vertical drive shaft, and the horizontal propeller shaft.
• A defective free housing represents 50% of the core value.
• A good driveshaft represents 25% of the core value.
• A good propeller shaft represents 25% of the core value.
• If each component is judged to be reusable then the full core credit amount would apply.

If you have any questions about OBR's Core Return Credit Policy or about the value of your core, just ask us!