Oil Mixture for Break-In of 2-Stroke Engines


The first 10 hours of use are when you are breaking in your new or rebuilt engine.  It's important to follow these guidelines so that your engine and all it's parts are sufficiently lubricated and will continue to run smoothly in the long run.

Two-Stroke Oil Injection Outboards

During break-in, all new Precision Blend engines should be run on double oil, with the exception of HPDI motors, which use straight gas for break-in.  This means you need to run all PBS-equipped engines on a 50:1 oil mix during the 10-hour break-in period to supplement the oil supplied by the oil injection system.  This additional oil provides further protection during the oil pump setup and furnishes extra lubricating oil during the break-in period. 

Two-Stroke Premix Outboards

Pre-mix engines that normally run on a 50:1 ratio will need a break-in oil ratio of 25:1 during the first 10 hours of operation.  Engines that normally run at 100:1 should be run at 50:1 during break-in.  After the 10-hour break-in period, use the regular oil ratio. 

April 25, 2017 by dennis crowley
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