Suzuki 2 stroke outboard jet kit shipping included

$ 1,793.00

Suzuki 2 stroke outboard jet drive kit (price includes free shipping)

-Determine your outboard's year and horsepower and select correct option.

-Please include model number in "Special Instructions" box upon checkout to guarantee accuracy.                                                                                  

-Determine shaft length of motor.

-Determine if your outboard is tiller or remote controlled.

-See appropriate policy and procedure page for complete details. 

-Note that if you are converting from a prop drive to a jet drive, the motor will have to be raised to insure correct performance. (Transom brackets are available to avoid boat transom modifications)

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                                 Suzuki 2 stroke jet drive kits




1. Includes shift cable assembly or shift rod for tiller steering.

2. Requires a factory gear set change at the base of crankshaft to operate with a jet drive. Only 50 hp factory motors, supplied without a gear case, have the jet drive gear set installed.

3. For tiller steering, requires cable assy #31 through 2003, #1829 starting in 2004 (Long Tiller Handle)

4. Includes water pump kit.

5. Does not have dual exhaust.

6. Specify if not power trim.

7. Add $160.00 for 6 1/8 stainless steel impeller upgrade, #1737.

8. Long tiller handle starting in 2004, shift cable assy, #1828.

9. Tiller handle shift cable assy #2039.

10. Spot facer and drill kit needed to mount jet drive (ask at time of order).

11. Uses 7 7/8 impeller and liner in place of 7 5/8 impeller and liner.















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