Meticulous cleaning procedures remove all contaminants to avoid subsequent bearing damage or failure.
All procedures are done to exacting OEM specifications. We replace 99% of the parts with new parts regardless of their condition.
•Visual and Magna-flux inspections to housings for cracks, wear and stress.
•Housings not meeting manufacturer standards and tolerances are replaced.
•Inspection of all bearing and seal surfaces.
•All bearing and preload tolerances are inspected to meet manufacturer specifications.
•Standard new parts include gears, driveshafts, propshafts, yokes, u-joints, impeller, upper water pump housing, bearings, gaskets and seals. (Water pump components are replaced as applicable to unit design.)

OBR builds every gearcase to our factory specifications. They are the largest remanufacturer in the nation and do nothing but remanufacture powerheads, sterndrives and lower units. All sterndrive and outdrive assemblies carry a 12 month warranty.